Rodney Pacheco bio picture

Rodney Pacheco

Vice President of Business Development

Value Delivered

Rodney is responsible for new business acquisition, growth, and customer retention. He also helps ensure business goals are met and projects are delivered on time and on budget, maintaining the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Through hard work and dedication to the industry, Rodney has earned a solid reputation for building strong relationships with many of the general contractors throughout South Florida, which he is now able to leverage on behalf of Hill York’s clients.

Working closely with Hill York’s leadership team, Rodney helps make final decisions regarding awarded and future projects. 


Rodney joined Hill York in 2005 and offers over 25 years of industry experience working on projects involving high-rise buildings, offices, schools, and hotels.

He holds a Bachelor of Science from Florida International University and an Associate’s degree from Broward Community College. He also attended the University of Texas School of Engineering’s MCAA Institute for Project Management.

Previously serving as an American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) regional President, Rodney remains an active ASHRAE member.

The Personal Side

In his spare time, Rodney enjoys playing golf, fishing, and attending many networking events with clients. He loves spending quality time with his family.