Critical Environments

Mission critical data center room at a client facilityAt Hill York Service Company (Hill York), we offer solutions to help maintain precise temperature and humidity levels in your critical environments.

Our services support your ability to operate effectively, minimize failures, and prevent costly downtime.

Minimizing Downtime

Your data storage facilities, surgery centers, server rooms, telecommunication centers, and other critical environments require increased cooling due to equipment-generated heat. What’s more, your sensitive equipment is vulnerable to failure from the high temperatures and humidity that are of particular concern in Florida.

From multi-site redundancy to helping ensure continuous operation, we’re familiar with your climate demands—and we’ve got you covered.

Get Critical On-Call Support

We offer 24/7/365 live response, and service within two hours of all calls. We have the ability to open supply houses and dispatch immediately from a large fleet of well-equipped vehicles.

Or, we can provide a dedicated phone line and customized account management to best serve your needs.

Count on Certified Expertise

Along with the value-added benefits of customized management, our trained technicians carry an array of top credentials, and manufacturer certifications from Liebert (the nation’s leading manufacturer of critical environment cooling solutions), Carrier, and others.

As the largest Liebert service provider in Florida, we can design, install, service, and maintain all your critical environment equipment.

Contact us for help with your next critical environment project.