Leesburg, FL

UF Health

Our major infrastructure improvement will reduce existing operational expenses by over $175,000 per year.

Exterior view of the UF Health facility

Value Delivered

This 310,000-square-foot hospital and 15,686-square-foot outpatient surgery needed to reduce operating costs and improve patient comfort.

The initiatives we put in place have helped to improve conditions for patients, the facilities’ operations, and the environment. Our comprehensive program will reduce operational expenses by over $175,000 per year. The project will fund itself through reduced costs and generate positive cash flow over the life of the systems.

Client Objectives

The client needed energy-saving solutions to reduce operating costs and improve hospital infrastructure.


We implemented major infrastructure improvements to increase the energy efficiency and comfort. Two energy recovery ventilators now recover energy in the exhaust stream and use that energy to pre-condition needed raw outdoor air. Our energy conservation solutions included:

  • Central energy plant energy dashboard
  • Energy management system
  • Energy recovery ventilators
  • High-efficiency open heart chiller installation
  • High-efficiency swing load chiller installation
  • HVAC equipment (centrifugal chillers, packaged direct expansion)
  • Premium efficiency condensing boiler
  • Variable primary reheat water loop
  • Variable speed cooling tower installation

Client Background

UF Health is a 351-bed acute care hospital offering advanced orthopedic, neurosurgery, stroke, open-heart, and cancer care.