Leesburg, FL

Alliance Day Surgery Center

Our energy-saving solutions helped this surgery center lower monthly utility bills by over $60,000.

Surgeons performing an operation

Value Delivered

After performing a detailed energy assessment for Central Florida Health Alliance’s (CFH) Alliance Day Surgery Center, we determined that many energy inefficiencies resulted from the building’s mechanical systems and their controls.

The baseline energy usage index revealed a unit cost of $10.44 per foot, which is significantly higher than national averages for similar facilities. One apparent inefficiency involved failing control valves serving the variable air volume boxes.

The solutions we implemented, including a mechanical system overhaul with a web-enabled energy management system, achieved remarkable results. Natural gas usage plummeted by over 62 percent. Believing that the gas meter was malfunctioning, the local utility company replaced it twice, but the savings continued. Electrical consumption was also reduced by 32 percent.

Annual electric and natural gas savings of $61,000 has been documented through an energy services agreement.

Client Objectives

The Central Florida Health Alliance identified Alliance Day Surgery Center as a high energy consumer. Built in 1987, the 15,686-square-foot single-story building has operating rooms, sterile areas, patient areas, and administrative offices that all have different climate control requirements. They needed to reduce their utility costs.


Because the client’s variable air volume boxes were equipped with hot water reheat coils which failed in the open position, it caused the boiler to constantly run. This resulted in simultaneous heating and cooling that drove increased energy use and operational costs. To solve this, we recommended a mechanical system overhaul with a web-enabled energy management system.

We implemented energy-saving control strategies including temperature setbacks, heating hot water reset, discharge air reset, and more. The design intent was to allow for greater control over the system while helping ensure only essential equipment would run when it was needed.

The renovation’s bundled energy solution included replacement of all pneumatic hot water valves and actuators and installation of:

  • A pulse-fired condensing boiler
  • A variable speed hot water pump
  • A heat exchanger for domestic hot water
  • An energy management system to integrate all components together

Client Background

Alliance Day Surgery Center is a 15,686-square-foot, single-story building with operating rooms, sterile areas, patient areas, and administrative offices.