Vero Beach, FL

New Vision Eye Center

We installed a new energy management system that saved this client 27 percent within the first three months.

Eye doctor doing a visual screening test

Value Delivered

To help New Vision Eye Center (New Vision) gain greater control over their indoor climate and energy consumption costs, we applied our expertise in sophisticated rooftop systems to help ensure the new equipment we installed would run only when needed, and ramp down during non-business hours.

With no interruption to the eye center’s day-to-day operations, our cost-saving, turnkey solution transformed an inefficient system, that continually ran at full capacity, to one that greatly reduced facility cooling loads and energy use.

In the first three months using the new system, New Vision saved 27 percent over their previous spending. Through system optimization and ongoing management and monitoring, we have nearly doubled the projected annual savings.

Based on usage reductions to date, the center is on trend to outperform more than half of similar buildings in the ENERGY STAR® database nationwide for energy efficiency.

Client Objectives

Less than two years after moving into the building, New Vision’s management team grew alarmed at excessive energy bills and an overall lack of control of their HVAC system. Their air was constantly running at peak capacity, and extreme cold in the surgical suites required medical staff to wear extra layers.

New Vision’s 19,000-square-foot facility includes surgical suites, patient areas, and administrative offices—all with different climate control requirements. They needed a custom solution to help minimize expense and increase comfort.


We conducted a detailed assessment of the facility’s systems, identifying that the originally-designed HVAC control strategy called for systems to run 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, regardless of occupancy.

We completely upgraded their mechanical and control systems, implementing advanced energy control strategies including temperature setbacks, discharge air reset, modulation of outside air, remote access, and more. Our client was kept in the loop at every stage, and able to continue with business as usual throughout the project.

Under an Energy Services Agreement, we also provide system optimization and ongoing management and monitoring.

Client Background

The New Vision Eye Center is a state-of-the art, 19,000-square-foot facility  offering advanced surgical procedures and high-quality eye care.