Sarasota, FL

GulfCoast Surgery Center

Our rapid retrofit of a surgery center’s mechanical and control systems enhanced comfort and improved climate management.

Exterior view of the GulfCoast Surgey Center in Sarasota

Value Delivered

GulfCoast Surgery Center’s 17,179-square-foot single-story building has operating rooms, patient areas, and administrative offices that all have different climate control requirements. To resolve their failing cooling system issues, we recommended a new condenser unit, direct expansion coils, and a new HVAC control system.

Our expertise in optimizing health care environments enabled us to maintain a fast-track schedule. We expedited on-site prep work, including running lines and wires. Once the cooling equipment arrived, we overhauled the center’s mechanical system in just three days, over a weekend, with no interruption to the center’s day-to-day operations.

The new controls we installed help reduce fluctuations in space comfort and energy consumption, and allow more efficient management of on- and off-hours cooling.

Our project management expertise and value-added results prompted GulfCoast to then contract us for annual mechanical and energy system maintenance.

Client Objectives

GulfCoast reached out to Hill York Service Company after rejecting a proposal from a national contractor and receiving a referral from a leading HVAC equipment distributor. The condenser on their large split cooling system was failing, and they were experiencing hot and cold spots throughout their facility. They needed a new condenser, air handler evaporator coils, and an HVAC control system to resolve their issues.


We provided a convergence of retrofit, repair, and energy solutions including:

  • Overhauling the center’s mechanical system
  • Installing a new condenser unit
  • Installing a new HVAC control system (including temperature setbacks, discharge air reset, modulation of outside air, and more)
  • Changing out direct expansion coils in the air handler to match the new refrigerant
  • Pulling wire throughout the building to update the variable air volume system
  • Running new line sets for refrigerant

Client Background

GulfCoast Surgery Center is an outpatient surgical facility in Sarasota, Florida that performs knee and hip replacements, cervical fusions, lumbar fusions, and arthroscopic and pain management procedures.