Miami, FL

U.S. Southern Command

In a high-security environment, we installed underground piping for a data center and a new chiller plant that helped achieve substantial energy savings.

Aerial view of the US Southern Command center in Miami

Value Delivered

We installed a new 4,000-ton central chiller plant and all related piping for a classified government facility, that delivered substantial energy savings. We also accommodated sensitive compartmented information facility (SCIF) areas by installing dielectric barriers, helping to ensure that no electromagnetic radiation was transmitted by metallic pipes. Our full system commissioning verified correct operation and laser alignment.

Client Objectives

The U.S. Southern Command needed a building designed from the ground up to support 24/7/365 operation, provide an internal data center capable of meeting the base’s needs, and provide the necessary security for SCIF areas for processing classified information.


We installed a new 4,000-ton central chiller plant with chillers, cooling towers with solid separators, pumps with a primary/secondary chilled water loop configuration, variable-speed secondary chilled water pumps, and cooling tower fans for substantial energy savings. 

We also installed all piping to their headquarters building, services building, and the Coalition & Interagency Operations Center on base. This included underground piping, and piping under a raised floor for an approximately 1,000-ton data center.

We had to accommodate SCIF areas by installing dielectric barriers to help ensure no electromagnetic radiation was transmitted by the metallic pipes.

At project completion, we performed a full system commissioning to verify correct operation of all components, including laser alignment of all pumps.

Client Background

The U.S. Southern Command is a joint military task force of the Navy/Marines, Army, and Air Force, overseeing military operations in South America and the Caribbean areas.