Clearwater, FL

City of Clearwater, Long Community Center

Through a two-phase energy conservation program, we helped the City of Clearwater obtain grant funding for a recreation center upgrade.

HVAC equipment outside of the City of Clearwater, Long Community Center

Value Delivered

The City of Clearwater, Florida selected us as the design-build contractor for two comprehensive energy conservation programs (Phase I and Phase II) for their Long Community Center.

As part of our Phase I work, we offset heating requirements for their pool water and domestic loads through a heat recovery process that captured waste heat from a vapor compression refrigeration cycle. Our pool pumping strategy minimized pumping loads while remaining in compliance with the state of Florida swim code.

For Phase II, we were instrumental in the City’s successful pursuit of grant funding from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act through the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Program.

Also, the new HVAC system we implemented will drastically reduce reheat loads in the summer months.

Client Objectives

The City of Clearwater wanted to achieve energy savings in the Long Community Center.


During this project we remained compliant with various program requirements including Buy American provisions. Our comprehensive services for Phase I and II included:

  • Assistance obtaining partial grant funding
  • Dehumidification system to serve the natatorium
  • Heat recovery technology to heat their community pool
  • High-efficiency lighting upgrades
  • High-efficiency packaged rooftop air conditioning units
  • HVAC controls solutions

Client Background

The City of Clearwater, Florida is a local government agency with a stated mission to provide cost-effective municipal services and infrastructure, and support a high quality of life.