Miami, FL

ADP Headquarters

We provided energy solutions that will pay for themselves in utility savings over the new systems’ life cycles.

Exterior view of the ADP Headquarters building in Miami

Value Delivered

Our comprehensive engineering assessment of ADP’s headquarters revealed that the facility’s annual electricity cost was 30 percent higher than the industry average. Also, their ENERGY STAR® performance rating was only average compared to facilities of similar size and type.

We prepared a detailed utility bill and rate structure analysis, systems review, and data logging of existing operating conditions, which earned the go-ahead to upgrade the building with sustainable energy solutions. We fast-tracked implementation of energy conservation measures, working after hours and weekends to minimize disruption of ADP’s operations.

A total of $785,000 was earmarked for improvements. These improvements are projected to bring an estimated energy savings of $63,063 a year, generate a 28 percent reduction in annual electricity costs, and qualify for approximately $5,370 in utility rebates.

The entire program will pay for itself in utility savings over the useful life of the systems.

Client Objectives

Many of the systems within ADP’s headquarters were nearing the end of their useful life cycle. The facility was looking to upgrade systems with sustainable energy conservation programs.


Based on our comprehensive engineering assessment of the 92,100-square-foot ADP building, we:

  • Replaced existing direct expansion rooftop package units and split systems with new high-efficiency units
  • Installed a direct digital control system to provide temperature reset during moderate outdoor conditions and unoccupied building hours, which helps ensure maximum sustainable efficiency and savings
  • Set up a demand control ventilation system for the office areas and kitchen that monitors cooling activity and controls operation

This fine-tuning of building performance provides ventilated air as-needed, reducing cooling loads and energy use during off hours. Our collaborative solutions will produce self-funding life cycle benefits, delivering the ultimate return on investment.

Client Background

ADP is a provider of human resources management software and services.