You Don’t Need A
Maintenance Contract

Responding to a growing need among small and medium business owners to save on operating expenses, Hill York has launched HYStat – a 24/7 remote monitoring and fast-response A/C service. With a HYStat smart technology thermostat, your benefits add up to a smarter business comfort solution with a year-round return on investment.

HYStat Monitoring
Just $10 per Month

  • Only $10 per month.
  • 24 hour/7 days a week equipment monitoring.
  • Real-time data eliminates guesswork.
  • Techs only come out when needed.
  • Sends alert before something goes wrong.
  • You control the unit from your Smartphone, Computer, and Tablet.
  • Year-round energy savings.
  • Annual system report card supports informed decisions.

Maintenance Contract

  • Huge fees every year.
  • Technician sees your equipment only a few hours per year.
  • You pay for unnecessary truck rolls.
  • Costly surprise breakdowns.
  • Units often run when not needed, such as overnight.
  • Day-to-day issues go unfixed causing business disruptions.


In a world of many thermostats, only HYStat puts your business’s comfort on cruise control and brings you service when you need it. Get it all with a common sense contract that's as simple as a handshake.

*Total cost of service includes a one-time fee per thermostat and $10 a month per monitored HYStat.